Kalashnikov receivers
built to exacting standards

Looking for a correct AKM or AK-74 receiver to match your country's kit? My goal is to provide the most authentic AK pattern receivers ever offered. We manufacture many models from most of the issuing countries and also specialties like Khybers. Our stamped receivers are hand-crafted with an eye for fine detail and historical accuracy.

With my background working in sheet metal, AK builds came naturally. What really drove me was trying to get the receiver to look like it was a military issued rifle: correct selector markings and detents, authentic looking spot welds, and it didn't stop there. I quickly realized that I enjoyed the process and challenge of building more than I enjoyed owning the finished builds. So I decided to get my license so I can build for other people.

PLEASE NOTE: We are still taking orders! But due to overwhelming demand, please expect to wait 3 months for delivery.
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